A Tactical Approach to Strategic Communications

Quality Content
Sets You Apart

To achieve strategic business goals, you must serve the needs of your customers and align your content with your driving mission.

Effective Leadership Through Communication

A Vision that Unifies
and Clarifies

Leadership requires a well-articulated vision that unites people and provides guidance for making day-to-day decisions.

Creative and Technical Communications

Technical Expertise and
Creative Design

Compelling content is both technically sound and visually appealing.
It should inform and delight.

Creating Content for Success

Information is a part of nearly every moment of every day, and it is critical to healthy business operations – not just for client-facing activities such as sales, marketing, and customer support, but also for internal processes, product development, organizational operations, and attracting and retaining talent.

Effective communication one of the primary pillars on which businesses are built. High-quality content empowers people to succeed – to accomplish the tasks before them so they can move on and return to the business of living their lives.

Nanatoo combines theory and practice from a variety of fields and methodologies, such as scientific thinking, design thinking, project management, technical communication, data visualization, and more, to help clients develop effective communication products that achieve a new level of quality in ways that are scalable, sustainable, repeatable, and consistent with strategic businsess objectives.

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Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Content Strategy

Taking a strategic approach to content is essential to meeting long-term and over-arching business goals, such as customer loyalty, talent retention, and increased overall profits. Healthy business communication entails a strategy that includes content generation, delivery, testing, governance, and more.



A solid content strategy includes systems that are designed to facilitate the successful creation and delivery of quality content. Healthy systems enhance productivity, consistency, and cost-effectiveness.

Color Wheel


Guidelines and standards are core components of content strategy that ensure everyone is working together to achieve the same goals. Standards should be developed for ease of use and to ensure success.

User Interface Elements


Oversight, or governance, is another essential component of a healthy content strategy. Oversight facilitates on-going creation and maintenance, and content that complies with standards.

Writing and Editing

Writing and editing are essential in translating complex information into simple and concise language that is relevant and easy to understand. 


Consistency is a fundamental component of clear technical writing because it facilitates the understanding of complex technical concepts and tasks. Consistency includes word use, punctuation, formatting, parallel structure, functionality, and more.


Because editing is an inherently critical process, it's important to stay focused on the work, rather than on personalities. Having a sense of humor keeps everyone from getting too hung up on the rules, facilitates learning, and makes everything a lot more fun!

Plain Language

Plain language enhances clarity and facilitates understanding. Plain language refers to avoiding jargon and unnecessary acronyms and abbreviations, and to using a simple grammatical structure that enhances the message of the content.

Visual Design

Visual design can make the difference between content that is adequate and content that truly delights. Visual design can be used to enhance usability and improve the overall user experience.


Good composition includes using white space, balance, scale, shape, color, contrast, texture, and more to create designs that are appealing and facilitate usability. Composition can be used to create hierarchy, facilitate findability, and enhance the overall user experience.

Color Theory

Color is a complex component of visual design, and includes the dimensions of color (value, hue, and chroma), as well as the relationships between colors (complementary, analogous, compound, etc.) Color combinations can be used to delight users and enhance meaning.


A key component of information design is ensuring usability and a positive user experience. Information design involves a fine balance between following standard conventions and finding innovative solutions that improve usability and facilitate success.

Project Management

Nanatoo specializes in managing information development projects with a focus on rapid, iterative development and incremental delivery – an approach that supports creating and managing content to meet strategic business goals.


Successful projects have clearly defined goals and a well-articulated vision of success. A clear and shared vision helps guide decisions required on a daily basis to deal with challenging and changing situations.


Strategic project management ensures that project remain on schedule, within budget, and meet all requirements. A strategic approach requires a long-term perspective.


Tactical project management involves breaking large projects into smaller, achievable segments. A tactical approach ensures that daily tasks are implemented in support of strategic goals.