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Inform. Delight. Empower.

Facilitate success with information that is easy to find, read, use, understand, and remember.

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What We Do

Facilitating Success: Information that Empowers

Nanatoo provides holistic, integrated information-development services that include writing, design, content strategy, project management, and process improvement. We believe that developing high-quality, cost-effective content requires attention to all of these areas. We specialize in complex, technical, instructional, and high-value content.

Nanatoo integrates areas of business communication that are traditionally separated. We focus on both writing and design, on both the technical and creative aspects of information development, and on using both well-planned and agile processes.

Information Development

Information is Everywhere!

Information is a part of nearly every moment of every day, and it is critical to healthy business operations – not just for client-facing activities such as sales, marketing, and customer support, but also for internal processes, product development, organizational operations, and attracting and retaining talent. High-quality information empowers people to succeed – to accomplish the tasks before them so they can achieve their goals and return to the business of living their lives.

Too often, content is developed without clear goals in mind. For example, content may reflect a desire to make a sale or save money, when a more effective goal is to provide real value for customers. Information development is different. The primary goal of information development is to provide users, customers, clients, and companies with the information they need to succeed – to accomplish whatever task they need to accomplish so they can get back to the business of living their lives.

We live in an age of information, and it's everywhere! We engage with information when we shop, watch television, read books, drive and navigate, use the internet, learn, and so much more. At Nanatoo, we understand that high-quality information can make the difference between a successful task and an unsuccessful one, between a good day and a bad day, and even between life and death.


Dynamic Synthesis

We use a fresh, science-based approach that integrates best practices from across genres, fields, and media.

Technical and Creative

Compelling content is both technically sound and visually appealing. It informs and delights.

Content and Design

Effective communication reflects best practices in both writing and design. Users perceive, process, and are influenced by both text and non-text.

Planned and Agile

Healthy information-development processes require both careful planning and flexibility.


What People Are Saying

I saw Tina speak on the science of good page design and was impressed by how she ventured well beyond the technical communication field to pull together insights and best practices from neuroscience, behavioral science, and graphic design. I immediately thought: I want to work with her! During our engagement, Tina's research and information development work laid a very solid foundation for the Snagit product team to build out hundreds of templates that will be used by millions of end users to create quick reference guides, job aids, and other technical content. Tina brought a very high level of experience, insight, and attention to detail to this project. 

– Daniel Foster, Strategy Manager, TechSmith

Working with Tina has been a fantastic. Tina works seamlessly and professionally with the demands of this company and the stakeholders, and never fails to meet expectations. We learned a great deal from Tina, and hope to have more projects with her in the future! 

– Joyce Lam, Content Specialist, Precision Content Authoring Solutions

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