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Create compelling content that is both technically sound and visually appealing – that informs and delights.

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Who We Are

Champions for a New Paradigm

Nanatoo is a consulting and training company dedicated to transforming the way we think about and develop information. Using peer-reviewed scientific research from a variety of fields, in combination with proven best practices from across genres and media, Nanatoo is championing a new paradigm for developing information – information that informs, delights, and empowers people to succeed.

We live in an age of information. We interact with, use, and rely on information several times every day. We rely on information for shopping, travel, work, social media, and much more. Despite the incredible importance of information in our daily lives, we rarely learn how to either recognize or create high-quality information. We are rarely taught that the effectiveness of information is directly correlated with how we respond, physically and neurologically, to visual stimuli, to language, and to ideas.

In both education and business, there is a long tradition of separating communication into specific domains. We separate writing from design, sales from support, and technical experts from creative experts. At Nanatoo, we realize that these distinctions don't matter to our users. Physically and neurologically, we process all types of visual information the same way. That's why our approach is based on a paradigm of synthesis and integration.

Nanatoo integrates areas of business communication that are traditionally separated. We focus on both writing and design, on both the technical and creative aspects of information development, and on using both well-planned and agile processes.


Tina M. Kister

Hi! I am an information developer, which means I'm a writer and editor, visual designer, project manager, and process engineer. I specialize in transforming complex information so people and organizations can use it to get things done.

I have a background in both creative and technical communications, as well as certifications in technical communication (CPTC), project management (PMP), proposal management (APMP), and content strategy.

I also teach communication professionals how to develop information that is easy to find, read, use, understand, and remember, and to do it in ways that ensure organizations are profitable and productive.


Creating Content for Success

Our mission at Nanatoo Communications is to achieve excellence in information development through an interdisciplinary approach that synthesizes knowledge from across fields, genres, and media in order to facilitate the success of both individuals and organizations.

We champion a new, science-based paradigm that makes it easier to both develop information and put it to use.


Information that Empowers

We envision a world in which people understand that effective communication is central to the success of everything.

We envision a world in which people make content-related decisions that are intentional and informed; information is relevant, timely, accurate, useful, and complete; the role of information developers is understood and valued; and accuracy, integrity, and clarity are valued in all business communications.


Information Transformation

We'll help you create content that inspires trust and delight, is easy to develop, and supports your bottom line!

Tools of the Trade

A Peek Inside the Toolbox: Core Tools for InfoDev Pros

This free, interactive list of core InfoDev tools can help you improve your writing, design, and overall productivity – a starting point for working across disciplines and for producing content that informs, delights, and empowers!

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