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Planned and Agile

Healthy information-development processes require careful planning, iteration, and flexibility. 

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Process Overview

Proven. Streamlined. Flexible.

Information-development projects have several unique challenges. For example, because information is inherently dynamic and based on ever-changing language, knowledge, data, and technologies, it's critical that projects include planned iteration. Iteration refers to systematically repeating certain project phases to refine and improve the deliverables. Our process includes allows for several types of iterative refinement.

Nanatoo's process combines planning and iteration. This allows us to minimize re-work and duplicate work while delivering rapid, responsive results. Nanatoo’s process is based on the Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology and on the information-development model described in Kister's August 2016 article in the Journal for the Society for Technical Communication  : Improving the Information Development Process: A Refined Iterative Development Model 

Process Phases

Progressive Elaboration and Refinement

Nanatoo's process model includes three distinct types of iteration (Progressive Elaboration, Feedback, and Validation). The model also includes three phases not found in most other models: Synthesis (designed to allow for innovation), Preparation (designed to increase quality and improve efficiency), and Delivery (designed to facilitate closing processes and definitively end the project).

Getting Started

Phase 1 – Initiate

Discussion and Definition

Consists of in-depth research and brainstorming, an analysis of potential issues and problems that need to be solved, and a synthesis of information into potential solutions. Clients provide all information and resources needed to meet the requirements and make the vision of success a reality.

Getting Clear

Phase 2 – Clarify

Research, Analysis, and Synthesis

Consists of an initial meeting to discuss the ultimate vision of success, and then a formal proposal approved as the final contract. During this stage, we discuss goals, restrictions, parameters, requirements, timeline, budget, software, etc. Clients typically provide sample content, review and approve the proposal, and pay an initial fee. Clients also designate a decision-maker as a single point of contact.

Getting Set Up

Phase 3 – Initialize

Planning and Preparation

Consists of creating information-development tools, such as templates, stylesheets, color palettes, font lists, terminology lists, style guides, and more. Clients provide additional information as needed.

Getting It Done

Phase 4 – Realize


Consists of developing the final deliverables. Nanatoo provides regular updates via email. Clients verify that the project is headed in the right direction and provide additional information as needed.

Getting It Right

Phase 5 – Refine

Review, Refinement, and Validation

Consists of submitting the deliverable, supporting information, and the project summary for review, and then implementing requested changes. Clients review the deliverable, request changes, and then verify that requested changes have been made. This stage typically includes an initial meeting to guide the review, and a second meeting to conclude the review.

Wrapping It Up

Phase 6 – Close

Delivery and Approval

Consists of closing out the project with final approval and delivery of all work products. Clients accept the final deliverable and provide summary feedback.

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Citation: Kister, Tina M. 2020. Process: Planned and Agile. Nanatoo Communications, LLC. Accessed . https://www.nanatoo.com/Process.


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