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Recommended Reading

10 Favorites for InfoDev Pros

Information development is interdisciplinary, and valuable knowledge can be found across a range of traditional genres. We have compiled a list of 10 great books you can use to help in becoming an InfoDev Pro. This list represents a broad range of skills and knowledge from across genres, including writing, visual design, management and development, and more.

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Fact Sheet

The Science of Good Page Design: A Brief Introduction

Information developers should be proficient in page design, as well as writing, as both are essential for creating deliverables that are easy to find, read, use, understand, and remember. (In fact, from a physiological perspective, we process text and non-text elements in very similar ways.) This fact sheet provides a brief introduction to the relationship between science and design.

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Tools of the Trade

A Peek Inside the Toolbox: Core Tools for InfoDev Pros

This interactive list of core InfoDev tools can help you improve your writing, design, and overall productivity. Depending on what field, genre, media, and organization you work with, the sheer number of available InfoDev tools can be overwhelming. This list provides a starting point for working across disciplines and for producing content that informs, delights, and empowers!

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InfoDev Library

Research, Reasoning, and Results!

Nanatoo uses an evidence-based approach to information development, and every decision is based on an in-depth understanding of how humans perceive and process information, and this is balanced with best practices and the priorities of the project and the organization. To support our evidence-based approach, we have compiled an extensive, robust body of peer-reviewed scientific research and other resources to guide every information-development decision. We maintain this research in an online InfoDev Library for easy reference.

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InfoDev Academy©

Guided Lessons for Creating Content that Works!

The InfoDev Academy is a resource for communication professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. We teach both methods and processes, as well as the science and reasoning behind them, so you can be successful regardless of which field, genre, or media you are working in. Using our proven, science-based approach, we provide online courses with guided one-on-one and group support.

The InfoDev Academy provides courses that integrate knowledge from across fields, genres, and media. With a focus on facilitating the success of both end users and organizations, courses provide guided lesson on effective writing, design, project management, process improvement, quality assurance, and more. Our first course, due out in early 2020, focuses on science-based design.

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