Nanatoo Communications was founded by Tina M. Kister in the summer of 2015 as a venue for championing a new, interdisciplinary approach to effective communication. 

Kister is a writer, designer, and project manager with a passion for clear and persuasive communication. Kister has worked in wide range of industries, including software, manufacturing, health care, education and training, marketing, advertising, Department of Defense, Department of the Interior, and more. This wide range of experience has fueled her passion for a unified, holisitic, and interdisciplinary approach.


There is a long tradition in both education and business of segregating communication by genre, field, industry, and output format. In the modern era, however, there is an unprecedented level of information funneled through online communications, and the traditional conventions no longer serve the needs of organizations or everyday users.

Nanatoo's mission is to combine best practices from a variety of communication fields (such as content strategy, technical writing, visual design, perception studies, and psychology) to create and deliver information products that enable success – the success of organizations, the individuals within those organizations, and the customers and clients they serve.


Currently, most organizations segment communications into various departments that are managed separately, which requires duplicate work and leads to inconsistencies in voice, brand identity, and other important components of communication that affect user and customer experiences. Such segmentation can confuse users, lead to an increase in costs associated with customer support, damage the credibility of an organization, and lead to the loss of valuable talent.

Through a new, interdisciplinary approach, we hope to help create a world in which the daily communication activities of everyone, from professional business writers to human resource professionals, teachers, salespeople, and more, leads to more streamlined processes, more profit for companies, and increased morale.