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InfoDev Library

A unique resource that centralizes information-development knowledge, research, and best practices from across fields, genres, and media.

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InfoDev Library

What it Is

A Tool for Research, Reasoning, and Results!

Nanatoo uses an evidence-based approach to information development, and every decision is based on an in-depth understanding of how humans perceive and process information, and this is balanced with best practices and the priorities of the project and the organization. To support our evidence-based approach, we have compiled an extensive, robust body of peer-reviewed scientific research and other resources to guide every information-development decision. We maintain this research in an online InfoDev Library for easy reference.


Why it Matters

A One-of-a-Kind Resource

The library is a unique resource because it does what no other bibliographic database does: It includes research and best practices from across fields, genres, and media. Important research about how people find, engage with, and respond to information is being conducted in all corners of the modern world – in health care, engineering, manufacturing, robotics, psychology, biology, industrial design, and more. Traditional research archives and libraries (such as JSTOR and EBSCO) are available only through large institutions, and are incredibly expensive (hundreds of thousands of dollars).

The InfoDev Library also:

  • Contains both theoretical (scholarly) and practical information to guide information-development.
  • Represents years of accumulated knowledge.
  • Is interactive, searchable, and frequently updated.

The InfoDev Library is a unique, interdisciplinary resource. It includes publications from a wide variety of fields, including education, technical communication, psychology, design, neuroscience, health care, and more. It includes both peer-reviewed, academic research from scholars and hands-on, practical advice from working professionals. No other resource centralizes information-development knowledge and best practices from across fields, genres, and media. This research provides priceless insight to guide day-to-day decision-making and application.

How it Works

Exclusive Access

The InfoDev Library is housed in Zotero, which is a free, online research and reference-management tool produced by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. Zotero allows you to save reference information within a web browser with a single click. You can also use pre-formatted reference information in multiple word-processing programs with simple drag-and-drop and export functionality.

The full library is available to Nanatoo team members and clients, as well as to members of the InfoDev Academy. You can preview a limited, public version of the InfoDev Library on Zotero. If you are interested in full access, let us know!

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Citation: Kister, Tina M. 2020. InfoDev Library: A Unique Resource That Centralizes Information-Development Knowledge, Research, and Best Practices from across Fields, Genres, and Media.. Nanatoo Communications, LLC. Accessed . https://www.nanatoo.com/infodev-library-wp.


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