Communication happens.

Take Charge of Your Business Communications

Nanatoo provides tactical solutions in support of strategic business communications.

Information-Development Services

Nanatoo specializes in providing services that simplify, streamline, and strengthen business communications by incorporating best practices from a wide variety of disciplines, including content strategy, writing and editing, visual design, project management, and more.

We specialize in combining a technical framework that ensures accuracy, clarity, and efficiency with a creative framework that ensure credibility, usability, and persuasion. Because of our interdisciplinary approach, we help clients achieve a new level of quality and excellence.

Some examples of our services include:

Why not just hire a technical writer or a graphic designer? Because our services are holistic and specifically designed to support and integrate with larger business initiatives. We don't just design a template or a manual – we also provide guidelines for continuous use and improvement, for scaling to a larger production volume, for ensuring consistency across the company, for integrating with other tools and systems, and for empowering individuals to use our solutions successfully.

Holistic Content Solutions

Process Improvement

Streamline information development processes, ease the burden on your employees, and improve the quality of your content.


Establish a baseline, then measure quality, productivity, and improvement to assess return on investment.

Strategic Analyses

Assess whether your business communications are advancing your strategic business goals and make a tactical plan for moving forward.

Style Guides

Document, communicate, and distribute clear guidelines to ensure all members of your organization are working toward a consistent and credible voice.

Brand Identity

Strengthen your company's brand identity and recognition by leveraging brand components to achieve business goals and facilitate collaboration across departments.


Clarify and manage terminology to ensure consistency, clarity, and a positive user experience, and to position your organization as an industry leader.


Increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness through the use of templates that facilitate quality, consistency, and rapid delivery.


Create clear information-development procedures to expedite processes, ease transitions, and share knowledge.

Job Aids

Promote best practices by providing job aids, such as quick-reference guides, that support knowledge transfer and enable success.


Facilitate successful and effective communication and information development through customized education and training.

Knowledge Management

Capture and share organizational knowledge to improve performance, foster innovation, and encourage continuous learning.

Project Management

Amplify your return on investment through projects that are managed in accordance with project management industry standards.

Quality Assurance

Develop and monitor criteria to maintain a high level of quality in all communication and information development deliverables.

Review Facilitation

Integrate review comments and collaborative input to cultivate the highest level of cost-effective quality, accuracy, and credibility.


Provide documented structure and guidance that unifies your message and ensures efficiency, quality, accuracy, and compliance.