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The Must-Have [Guide, Cheat Sheet, Checklist] to [Promise of Your Lead Magnet]

[In this section here, include a few sentences that speak to the pain points that your Ideal Customer Avatar wants to avoid and the solution your lead magnet offers. Use the language (words and phrases) your ICA uses when talking about this topic.]

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I'm ready. Show me!

Download the [Guide, Cheat Sheet, Checklist] Now and Get the Details on [include the promise of your lead magnet], Including:

  • Add an enticing bullet here that includes a benefit your lead magnet will give (Think: What’s in it for your ICA?)
  • Add another enticing benefit of your lead magnet here (Think: What does your ICA really want?)
  • Add another enticing benefit of your lead magnet here (Think: What will make my ICA say, “I’ve gotta have this!”)
Yes, Give it to me!

Hey there! I'm Tina Kister... 

I'm an information developer, and I teach communication professionals how to develop information that is easy to find, read, use, understand, and remember, so they can help people more effectively and advance their careers.

I've worked in a variety of fields, genres, and media for the last 25 years, and I've developed an interdisciplinary approach for creating content that really works. I've learned so much, and I'd like to share it with you!

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