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Semantic Design: A Science-Based Approach
for Creating Content that Works!

Design Basics Simplified: The Three Design Elements

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An Essential First Step in Becoming a
Design Master

If you want to create content that is easy to find, read, use, understand, and remember, then you must become proficient in design, as well as writing. Learning design starts with the “Design Basics,” which consist of Design Elements and Design Principles. Design Elements are the fundamental building blocks of content, and Design Principles describe the way the elements interact with one another.

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You Want to Learn Effective Design, but...
How Do You Get Started?

There is a massive amount of free information and advice floating around about how to learn design. Too often, however, expert designers give advice that isn't very helpful – advice like "Use proper alignment" or "Use a logical color palette." But how do you know what proper alignment is, or what logical colors are? By understanding the direct connection between perception and design!

Did You Know...

There are just three essential design elements?

  • Science-based design provides a fresh, simplified approach that leverages what you already know to be true, but have never consciously noticed before, to create a solid foundation for mastering design.
  • When you understand these processes, you can make effective design decisions for any project and in any situation.
  • The science-based approach to design empowers you to understand what works, what doesn't, and why.
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Hey there! I'm Tina Kister... 

I'm an information developer, and I teach communication professionals how to develop information that is easy to find, read, use, understand, and remember, so they can help people more effectively and advance their careers.

I've worked in a variety of fields, genres, and media for the last 25 years, and I've developed an interdisciplinary approach for creating content that really works. I've learned so much, and I'd love to share it with you!

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Tiny Tina Tutorials

Tiny Tina Tutorials provide essential knowledge in small, bite-sized chunks. This one explains how there are only three essential Design Elements you need to know, and how they are directly linked to the earliest stages of perception. When you understand the direct connection between perception and design, you can make well-reasoned, effective design choices that lead to amazing content!

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